Kwiaahwah Jones

Kwiaahwah Jones is of Nishgaa and Haida descent and aspired to become an artist all her life. From 2007 to 2009, she worked as Curator at the Haida Gwaii Museum with Nathalie Macfarlane. In 2010, she began work at the Bill Reid Gallery for northwest coast art to curate, and program exhibitions into 2016.In 2016 she left the Bill Reid Gallery to pursue her ambitions to learn to do traditional Haida handpoke tattoos. Currently she is the guest curator of the exhibition, Haida Now at the Museum of Vancouver, an exhibition featuring over 450 Haida works collected from as early as the 1880s from Haida Gwaii. Kwiaahwah is also dedicated to her culture and developing her own artistic practice living and working between Vancouver and Haida Gwaii.