Leonardo M. De Araújo
Doctoral Candidate
Universität Bremen

I have always been fascinated by technology and its endless possibilities of transforming immaterial ideas into reality. In recent years, I have discovered museums as places where technology can be performed in its best and used as significant enablers of enchanting educational experiences. My goal is to aesthetically integrate technology into cultural, historical and social contexts respecting the characteristics and limitations of all present entities. In addition to that, I wish to engage visitors by creating spaces where they are allowed to express themselves creatively. I believe participation and collaboration should be at the core of the museum.

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Bremen. My research take into consideration recent advances in the computer science field regarding both social networks and collective intelligence in order to rethink the museum of tomorrow. Besides my doctoral research, I'm is also technology consultant for the cooperative curatorial agency Vasto and an active member of the research group DIMEB, which aims at research and development of educational applications.