Maria Economou
Joint Curator / Lecturer in Museum Studies
University of Glasgow (Hunterian Museum & HATII)

Dr Maria Economou is Lecturer in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow, where she has a joint appointment at the Hunterian Museum and the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII) at the School of Humanities. She has previously worked at the universities of the Aegean in Greece and Manchester, Glasgow and Oxford (at the Pitt Rivers Museum) in the UK. Her monograph "Museum: Warehouse or Live Organisation?" is used as textbook in more than ten Greek universities in courses related to cultural heritage. She has collaborated with several cultural heritage institutions around the world, particularly on the use of new technologies for public engagement. She coordinated the Scottish Network of Digital Cultural Resources ( (2015-16) funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, which run a series of workshops and the EDCR2016 Symposium in December 2016 ( She is Co-Investigator at the H2020 EMOTIVE project ( on emotional digital storytelling in cultural heritage settings. Her research focuses on evaluation and visitor studies, as well as the ways the digital technologies are reshaping cultural organisations and the ways they communicate with different audiences.