Marco Cappellini

Marco Cappellini, has taken a Degree in Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Telematics at the University of Florence, with a thesis on the VASARI scanner (“Analysis and elaboration of artworks images with colour calibration”) in 1996. He has been involved in many Projects with Uffizi Gallery from the Co-realisation of Uffizi Gallery web Server in 1995, collaborator with involvement in European Projects like MUSA (Multimedia Special Action), RAMA (Remote Access Museum Archives). During 1997-98 he has been technical manager of HYPERMUSEUM Project for CIVITA Consortium. He has been involved in the founding of several companies (IMACO, S.I.E.T., VASARI Florence) and in 1999 has co-founded Centrica (, a company where he covers the role of CEO. Under his direction the company, active in the areas of digital imaging and interactive signage, has developed important products and solutions, from Internet image server XLimage® ( to DAM/DRM imaging platform XLphoto® (, to latest Uffizi Touch® ( and XLknowledge®. These developments have met the success of the market and has brought some prizes to the company like IST Prize Nominee 2004 for XLimage®, Enterprise and Culture Prize for DADDI Project and XLimage®, IST Prize Winner 2006 for XLphoto® ( to selection as Italian Excellence for Shanghai EXPO 2010 by Italian innovation Ministry, for Uffizi Touch® and XLknowledge®. Nowadays Centrica designs and develops innovative solutions in the areas of digital imaging, interactive and visual communication and knowledge management and is launching a new product, UBILIA®, devoted to the fruition of culture and touristic attractions inside the cities. In 2010 he has co-founded the startup ViDiTrust ( devoted to anticounterfeiting&security where he covers President position.