Mike Mouw
Media and Technology Consultant
Mouw Tech Consulting

Mike Mouw works as a creative and technical director, guiding collaborative multidisciplinary teams and talented vendors to design and develop technology-based learning that powerfully engages users and audiences. His focus is on the melding of interaction design and experience design to create meaningful informal learning opportunities for free-choice exploration and inquiry. This work is often delivered through media and technology experiences linked to exhibition design, using a documentary approach to human storytelling. Projects include the immersive "Flour Tower" elevator ride at the Mill City Museum, visitor interactions in exhibits explored via innovative interfaces like “Minnesota's Greatest Generation” at the Minnesota History Center museum, in-gallery media and technology platforms used for social learning like "ArtStories" interpretive open source software and the "Interactive Map of Africa" touch-screen wall at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, and through a new website launched for the High Museum of Art.