Nigel Newbutt

I have gained industry experience of working in digital media industries, coupled with experience of designing, validating and running programmes of study at UK and Irish Universities. I have an active research profile including keynote talks, presenting at conferences, article publication, book chapters and awards for my work. I have a BSc in Multimedia Technology, a Master’s in Higher Education, a PG Cert. in Research Methods and a PhD in Educational Technology and Design. My research covers areas of computer-mediated communication, internet-based communication and virtual environments. It draws upon theories related to non-verbal communication (Hall, 1966) and the more recent work of Yee, Schroeder and Axelsson. My PhD thesis, for example, drew upon work of Bailenson and Walther (Social Information Processing Theory). My current role, at UWE involves engaging with both teaching and research agendas in equal quantity; I hold a 50 / 50 role (Researcher / Senior Lecturer). I hold a Visiting Researcher position at University College Dublin with SMARTlab Digital Media Research Institute and have been a Visiting Scholar at Michigan State University. I am currently working with MSU on education, media and technology-related research agendas in the CARISMA group and the Digital Cultures Research Centre at UWE.