Paul Burke

Guru CEO and co-founder, Paul Burke, has years of experience in investing, trading and entrepreneurship, but nothing could have prepared him for the experience of museum hopping with teenagers, or the idea that sprung from it.

Realizing that his own love for history, travel and culture was rooted in the stories and experiences of the places he visited, Burke knew he had to bridge the gap between the broadest possible audience and museum content. Guru would make the cultural experience fun, educational and accessible for all ages. His own passion for history and learning could be passed on to others through mobile technology.

Burke’s passion for entrepreneurship and the markets was evident from a young age. At seventeen he founded his first business, and after graduating with a degree in Economics and Philosophy, worked as a trading clerk before moving up to trader for Chicago and New York based firms. An entrepreneur at heart, Burke left professional trading and has spent the past several years in the startup arena as an investor, adviser, and principal.

The youngest of eight children in a Navy family, Burke has traveled extensively and lived all over the country including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Diego. His traveling adventures as a child and an adult have helped cultivate a deep love for history and museums. That love, combined with his financial knowledge and business acumen, has paved a natural path to Guru. In his spare time, Burke loves to travel and to participate in anything sports related. Although living in San Diego, he remains a loyal Chicago fan and attends Chicago sporting events whenever possible.

Guru is the technological bridge between museums and the 21st century audience. Utilizing beacon technology, Guru creates a customized app for each museum that turns the ever-present smartphone into a personal concierge, expert tour guide, map and interactive tool that connects the visitor with the museum.