Piero Muscarà
Co-Founder & CEO - Mapping Arts in Italy

Co-founder and CEO of - Mapping Arts in Italy ( is about mapping arts in Italy. We currently have mapped 10.000 POIs in 10 Italian art cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Genova, Naples, Lecce & Palermo) building a complex yet simple interactive map of arts across the country. All our contents are available for free in Italian and in English (the cities of Rome, Venice, Aquileia and Caserta) on our website ( and on mobile (iTunes and Google Play --> 14 APPs).

In the past I've been co-founder, CEO & president of NEXTA Media, and independent media company operating in the fields of online publishing through a network of 10+ thematic websites ( -->,,, ...). In 2009 NEXTA was succesfully sold to the leading Italian publishing group LA STAMPA (FIAT - Itedi). From April 2009 till June 2012 I served as CEO of the company with the new shareholders.

From 1992 to 2001 I've been consultant to several international media companies in the fields of media and technological innovation.

Freelance journalist in the media related business since 1989, I've been media correspondent for the Italian economical and financial daily paper "Il Sole 24 Ore". I also wrote for several other newspapers and magazines including: L'Espresso, Panorama, Italia Oggi, Satellite; Media correspondent from Italy for the Financial Times Media & Telecom group.

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