Heidi Schelhowe
Prof. Dr.
Universität Bremen

Heide Schelhowe is professor for “Digital Media in Education” at the Computer Science Department of the University of Bremen, Germany. She was a student of German Studies, Catholic Theology and Computer Sciences. As a scientist she worked at Humboldt University Berlin, University Hamburg and - last but not least - at University of Bremen. Today she heads a interdisziplinary research group, concentrating on developing and customizing software for educational environments and on teachers and students education in how to use Digital Media in educational contexts. Her special research interests besides Digital Media in Education are computers and society and gender questions in computing science. Interaction and interactivity are main concepts in her research and teaching. Another topic Dr. Schelhowe is an expert in, is Media Competency. She is in charge of the expert's commitee of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Digital Media in Education and Digital Culture.rnSince 2011 she is Deputy Headmaster for Studies and Teaching at the University of Bremen.