Sarah Lowe
Associate Professor
University of Tennessee

Sarah Lowe is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design in the School of Art at the University of Tennessee. Her current work focuses on the development of mobile platforms designed to interpret sites of cultural heritage, building upon a career of researching and developing digital content for the cultural heritage sector. She has extensive experience working with cultural institutions including The National Park Service, The United States Holocaust Museum, and the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. Her professional employment includes several years at WGBH, Boston’s public television station, where she developed digital educational experiences, including web and DVD interfaces for American Experience, Annenburg Media and various R+D projects. Her interest in culture history has led to work for the Highlander Center, the Beck Cultural Center (East Tennessee’s largest repository of African-American history), Panther Creek State Park and the W.E.B. DuBois Center at Harvard University. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to spent the 2012-2013 academic year working as a visiting researcher with the InterMedia Research Centre at the University of Oslo, Norway. Sarah received her Masters of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University.