Tiffaney Gardea
Art Instructor
Millikan High School
United States

Tiffaney Gardea is an artist and art teacher in Long Beach, California. She studied Visual Art and Art History at the University of Arizona and went on to get her teaching credential and masters degree in Cross Cultural Education at National University. Her personal work focuses on portraiture and abstract oil paintings.

An art teacher for over 16 years, she ran the arts program at Jordan High School for 13 years which focused on the arts as a career pathway. Currently, she teaches Museum Studies, AP Art History and various levels of Drawing and Painting at Millikan High School.

Tiffaney’s passion is to bring art to its proper place, which is neither up on an untouchable pedestal nor just extra fluff that gets cut out of education but an integral part of our lives. The Museum Studies class gives students the opportunity to experience art on many more levels than the creation of art. It gives students a platform in which they can explore ideas and speak about issues that are important to them.