Vincent Koenig
University of Luxembourg

Vincent is an assistant professor affiliated to the Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment (COSA) at the University of Luxembourg, and head of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research group. His vision places UX research at the intersection of academia and non-academic partners (private & public), with equal relevance for both parties. Convinced that empirical data plays a key role in research, he strives for a constant evolution of the user lab at the cutting-edge, as a cornerstone of interdisciplinary experience design and partnership projects.rnrnWith a background in psychology as applied to HCI, his research covers: User centred design, usability, user experience, cognitive ergonomics, computer-based assessment (CBA), usable security and socio-technical aspects of security and trust, automotive HCI, gamification.rnrnVincent has been and continues to be involved in leading numerous research projects on the above-mentioned topics, both serving fundamental and applied research objectives. His prior research has also strongly focused on the design and continuous development of laboratories in support of usability and UX activities, with four labs created so far. His interdisciplinary activities and experimental background have led Vincent to be co-affiliated with the Luxembourg Centre for Educational Testing (LUCET), the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and to act as mandated director of EPSYLON, a network of ten experimental psychology labs. He has also significantly contributed to the creation of a CBA spin-off company (OAT sa.).rn