Ryan Waggoner

In my role as Creative Services Manager at the Spencer Museum of Art I oversee photography, videography and graphic design. I lead a small team of student employees in a variety of tasks from photographing the collection of more than 45,000 works, to documenting events and exhibitions, and producing museum videos.

My work in collection photography involves shooting a wide array of artwork in a studio setting. I routinely design a variety of different studio lighting scenarios to accommodate the type of artwork being photographed. I am also responsible for image processing, and maintaining a extremely strict standard of tonal value and color accuracy, assuring each image that I produce faithfully represents the artwork. The images are used for the museum database, the museum's online collection, and for any publication and reproduction requests the museum receives, as well as for research and other scholarly purposes.

I am also actively involved in producing several videos series for the museum as well as stand-alone videos, and live-streaming events and lectures. Several video series I've worked on feature short format documentaries on artists-in-resdience. Examples of my work can be found on the Spencer Museum's YouTube page:

More information can be found on my LinkedIn page: