MWA2016: Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan

[colleft]From September 16-19, MW brings leaders in innovation and technology for cultural heritage from the MW community to the bi-annual Chinese Museums Association conference in ChengDu, China.

Following the CMA conference, the MW team will run full-day workshops at the Shanghai University Museum and at Wuhan University on September 21 and 22.

The MWA2016 program includes:

September 17, 10-11:30am: TourML Summit

An introduction to TourML, the mobile content standard developed by the IMA Lab to enable users of TourML and content management systems, kiosks, and mobile applications to speak a common language and share content across disparate platforms and technologies. Rob Stein, founder of the TourML initiative, will lead the conversation with Vincent Roirand, CEO of Mazedia, who implement TourML extensively in their Wezit middleware offerings.

Places in this meeting are limited so RSVP to reserve your see! Free of charge to CMA attendees. This session will also be live streamed by Chengdu Broadcasting, Weibo, and

September 18: Talks on Social Media in Museums

Talks in the September 18 social media day of the CMA program include:

Meet them on the MW booth in the CMA Expo Hall September 16-19!

September 21 and 22: Shanghai and Wuhan

Museums in the Smart City

Technology provides cultural institutions with the tools not just to enhance engagement and the experiences of their visitors, but also to connect with communities and new audiences globally. This day of talks offers a variety of perspectives on the future of the “smart museum,” from content strategy, to accessibility, to technologies and practices that position the museum and its collection as a platform for learning and the co-creation of culture.

MWA2016 has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Chinese Museums Association, Hongbo Cultural Promotions and Services, Shanghai University, Shanghai University Museum, the Museums and New Tech Journal, the Wonders Group, Wuhan University, izi.TRAVEL and Guru.



2016年9月17 日,早上10点-11:30,TourML高峰会议

TourML简介:TourML是由印第安纳州立美术馆实验室研发的移动内容标准,其通过授予TourML使用者目录管理系统,信息服务亭和移动应用程序的权利达到使用通用语言和从完全不同的平台和科技中互相分享内容。作为TourML的创始人,罗伯 斯坦先生会带头演讲。



康夏·罗达:西班牙巴塞罗那市加泰罗尼亚国家艺术博物馆 策略,创新和数字变革总监
南希·普罗科特:MW 联合主席和MuseWeb基金会的执行董事
亚里克斯·图尔斯基: izi. TRAVEL公司首席执政官CEO
保罗·伯克: Guru公司首席执政CEO



中国博物馆协会, 弘博网, 上海大学, 上海大学博物馆, 博物馆 新科技, 万达信息股份有限公司, 武汉大学, izi.TRAVEL公司, Guru公司[endcolright]

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